Jackie Evancho … Opera singer or child who mimics

I recently read some very disturbing opinions about Jackie Evancho, the young 11 year old opera singer, and her “modified” voice on the internet.

I feel very bad for this little girl and her family, and I hope they never have to read what I just did.

When I hear this little girl sing I get goosebumps. Yes, I analyse her voice, and yes, I see her jaw wobble, but this is an angel who sings from her heart and soul.

There will always be children who learn to mimic what they hear and/or see very well. This is not anything new. However, now, in the 21st century when most people have access to the internet, children are learning more and developing faster than ever before. We will continue to be amazed by children on the internet who can do things that we never thought possible.

Is it really so amazing? In my opinion, no, not really. The internet has opened windows of opportunity for these children and young people to be seen and loved. The internet has given them not only the opportunity to view the best in the world, but to mimic the best in the world.

I believe we will continue to be amazed.


3 thoughts on “Jackie Evancho … Opera singer or child who mimics”

  1. I have found from listening to hundreds of female singers, that Eva Cassidy had the most natural and most exciting voice ever. So sad that she died prematurely.
    I have taught children who can naturally send shivers up your spine, but most never do anything with the natural talent because it is considered, not cool, especially in Australia. Other females who have inspired me are Joan Baez. Most classical singers seem to be clones of each other with the exception of Emma Kirkby who sings mainly Renaissance and early Mozart pieces.
    Yes, and Haley Westenra has a smooth natural voice. For anyone not familiar with YOUTUBE, do a search on Imogen Spendlove an 11 year old natural singer from Victorai Australia. Some of the material hasn’t been chosen wisely, but who could deny Imogen and her sister the fun of producing Youtube videos?

  2. I don’t normally respond to blogs. After all they are only one person’s thoughts and opinions, and everyone has those but I think you needed some help. First of all, Jackie Evancho is not an opera singer and at present has no desire to be one. She considers herself in the same genre of music as Josh Groban,Haley Westenra,Katherine Jenkins and others considered to be classical crossover artists. And even one of her Idols Sarah Brightnan who would bristle if you called her an opera singer. Yes these artists do some arias taken from operas just as they do pop songs,musical theater and standards as well as originals, all performed in a somewhat classical sense.. I don’t think you’ll find Jackie “mimic” anything. She sings in her own natural way as does every performer. Who does Bob Dylan mimic? Who does Joe Cocker Mimic? Who did Luciano Pavarotti mimic? Jackie sings in a manner that is natural to HER. It just so happenes that it comes out as a rich buttery smooth sound with wide range and perfect pitch. She thinks she got it from God, well there is certainly no harm in her believing that. One other thing. In this age of heightened digital electronics a lot of artists, well known artists, use electronic voice enhancement programs like autotune for help . Jackie is one of those who do not need to.
    The internet has exploded into a many tendrialed serpent, some good – some bad. It can be a huge marketing tool for any artist. For example, speaking of Jackie, Someone just posted they had counted up all of her videos and came up with over 200,000,000 total hits. I can’t verify that,and I won’t spend the time trying.but that sounds like some powerful marketing to me.
    I could keep on going concerning her family structure and other social aspects of her life but just let me say that this ride she is on right now is hers, not her parents. They’ve said if Jackie were to quit singing tomorrow it wouldn’t bother them in the least because it’s her choice, her ride and she can jump off anytime she likes.

    • Thanks for your comment. I stand corrected. She is indeed a classical crossover singer who sings all kinds of music including arias. I totally agree with your comments about the internet and marketing, etc.
      I want to clarify my first post and what I mean by mimicing. We all mimic. That is how we first learn something new. Mimicing is not a bad thing. I am not saying that she is mimicing as she sings or what she sings. I am simply stating that is how she first learned to sing. She heard sounds and she copied. So, it’s good that you have let me clarify that.
      It is indeed her self-awareness of her body and the sounds that she can produce, along with her impeccable pitch control and ability to release the passion she hears in her music as she sings, that make her sound like an angel to our ears. She is extremely talented.


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