All four Crossword Sing Along DVDs

Introducing a fun and engaging activity for seniors!

These four new DVDs combine the excitement of solving crossword puzzles with the joy of singing along to your favourite songs.

Watch Susie sing a line in a song and guess the missing lyric before singing the entire song together. Print the crossword template so your residents can play along or simply follow Susie Q in the video!

Songs are a mix of Susie's greatest hits.

How the crosswords work:

Susie sings a line in a song leaving out one word. Then she encourages the audience to help her guess the missing word before she writes it into the crossword. Then everyone sings the entire song together.

For higher-functioning seniors, you can print the crossword template so they can fill in their own answers. (You may need to pause the video if more time is needed).

Crossword sing along screen capture
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