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Mix it

I much prefer to hear a singing voice that is unique and interesting, to a voice that has been trained to sound the same as other “trained” voices. If your plan is singing in a band, or karaoke, or even musical theatre, then beware what “kind” of voice training you get. Radio-friendly voices today are … Read more

Justin Bieber? Taylor Swift? Who really has the voice?

Hi everyone, I was speaking with the mother of a student yesterday, and the subject of Justin Bieber’s voice came up. She was going on about how he couldn’t sing well, and how annoying it was to listen to. I didn’t interrupt her but let her finish and go on with her day. However, here is … Read more

In musical theatre, singing and acting go hand in hand…

So you want to go into musical theatre. You’ve studied voice and music in university and now you are ready to work……….Ahhhh, too bad you didn’t taking some acting classes too. The director is looking for the whole package……….well, unless you just want to be in the chorus. The director not only wants you to … Read more

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