Stuck in chest?

There are all kinds of singers with all kinds of voices. What kind are you? Knowing your habits is a huge step to improving your singing. Learning how to “mix” from the bottom up, and from the top down, is the most important coordination for your voice. We learn how to do this in the exercises, … Read more

Thank you for a great year!

If you have been following my singing blog, you will know I have trained in a few different methods of singing over the past years. Each one has been slightly different, yet the same, if that makes any sense. In my early years, I trained in Bel Canto with various teachers and later went on … Read more

Singsong-like speech

Do you know what is meant by the term sing-song-like voice? You know, the talking voice that flows up and down in pitch throughout each sentence. Great speakers and presenters usually have this, and so do actors. The freedom of a sing-song-like speaking voice is usually prominent in people who are confident and interesting and/or … Read more

Broadway singers must demonstrate belt

I’ve said before what a tough job it is for female Broadway singers these days. Most casting directors are requiring singers to demonstrate a belt, as well as show a nicely mixed legit voice. Not many auditions require a legit soprano voice anymore. Instead, they are looking for a legit voice that can sing from … Read more

Where are you going to find your voice teacher?

As I have said many times before…I’m glad I didn’t take voice lessons as a teenager! Why? Because I would have gone to the old lady down the street who directs the church choir….that’s why! There were no other options where I grew up. And watch out. There are still many more choir-like teachers in … Read more

Adele’s new voice – Skyfall

If you are working on your chest voice so you can sing more Adele songs, you may be able to access your mix more easily in her latest song Skyfall. Most of this song is under the first bridge (as are the others). But most importantly, there is no chorus repeatedly using thick folds through … Read more

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