Let’s write a song!

It’s composition time at Music for Young Children! We are learning about techniques that make writing a song easy! Children love being creative. Whether it’s drawing a picture, pretending to be a character in a story, or writing a piece of music, children love to explore their creativity. The Music for Young Children program presents … Read more

I’m not a big fan of commercial radio…..

You are not going to hear the best singers in the world on commercial radio. Oh, don’t get me wrong…there are loads of great singers making a living on commercial radio….but there are loads of mediocre singers making a fortune. It really is sad how the industry has progressed. My concern is for the young … Read more

Do what you love and live a long happy life……

Don’t let other people stop you from doing what you love. If you love to sing or play an instrument then try to learn everything you can and practise diligently to be the best you can possibly be. Don’t compare yourself to others. There will always be someone who is better than you. Playing an instrument or singing fills … Read more

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