singing technique

Which is it? Technique or Style?

I want to address what Speech Level Singing is and what it is not. SLS is a vocal technique that balances and connects the voice from the low notes to the high notes. It is a superb technique that sets singers up to sing in any style they choose safely and efficiently. It is not … Read more

Singing students…..should you go to university?

Did you take vocal lessons when you were younger? Are you happy with your voice now? Can you sing the songs in the style you want? All too often children and teens taking singing lessons during their youth have high aspirations of being a “singer” in today’s music business. Their parents spend thousands of dollars … Read more

Less is more….

Hi Everyone, Less is more….so what am I talking about?  Well, a few things really.  Did you know that you need LESS air to sing high notes…not more. Most people use way too much air when they sing high notes. This engages the outer muscles around the vocal cords which causes fatigue and strain. Singing high … Read more

What SLS has taught me…..

I’ve only been studying Speech-Level Singing officially for a short time. I have made more improvements in my students voices in this short time, than I ever did before SLS.  Here is why. SLS treats every voice as an individual. Let’s face it, no voice is the same. There isn’t a single recipe that works … Read more

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