voice training

Mix it

I much prefer to hear a singing voice that is unique and interesting, to a voice that has been trained to sound the same as other “trained” voices. If your plan is singing in a band, or karaoke, or even musical theatre, then beware what “kind” of voice training you get. Radio-friendly voices today are … Read more

Singers, you have a choice!

Times have changed, and they are going to continue to change for singers. This is a great thing! Singers now have a choice! Gone are the days when there was one, and only one, way to train the voice. There was traditional voice training, and there was traditional voice training! You could go to university … Read more

The untrained voice and belt singing

The definition of (chest) belting according to Seth Riggs is using an excessive amount of air (air blast) and vocal cord tension in an attempt to sing louder. Over the last 50 years, singers have been using their voices in many new and demanding, interesting and entertaining ways. Whether we like it or not, the … Read more

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