“Hi Susie, I want to tell you that our higher behaviour units participate with YOU almost every day. Our nursing staff insist on us playing your DVDs during sundowning time, right before supper time every day.”
Julie Streit, Programs Manager, Forest Heights Long Term Care Centre, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

“My staff and I are so excited about the new DVDs! They love the pace of the music. They find your music easy for the residents to follow along.”
Ginette Trebunia, Recreation Manager, Bow-crest Care Centre, Alberta, Canada.

“Susie, I shared your videos with my residents and they ALL LOVE YOU! I would like to order all your new ones!”
Beth Poole ADC/MC, AP-BC, Activity Director, Lodge Lane Assisted Living, Delaware, USA.

“Your DVDs are a big hit with my first-floor residents, and it truly eliminated some responsive behaviours for 3 of our residents. It was a wonderful atmosphere and your DVDs engaged the residents with little to no staff interference. Thank you so much.”
Corey Francis, Recreation Manager, Valleyview Care Centre, Manitoba, Canada.

“Susie, we have two ladies that can be in a state of anxiety/or anger, and there is almost nothing we can do to calm them. As soon as we put your DVDs in, they start to sing along and can be content for an hour or more.”
Carolyn Hodges, Recreation Director, Meadowview Villa, Ontario, Canada.

“Our Adult Day Club has all your DVDs and really enjoy them!”
Laurie Young, Activity Director, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

“Susie, we have a bi-weekly sing-along with your DVDs. Our residents love it!”
Kim Luckhardt, Programs Manager, PeopleCare AR Goudie, Ontario, Canada.

“Susie, all our residents love your music. We have one resident, in particular, who is totally in love with your music! You keep her total attention until it’s finished.”
Sue Ellen Derrah, Activity Director, Central Carlton Nursing Home, New Brunswick, Canada.

“I can’t thank you enough for the brilliant DVDs Brentwood purchased. The residents absolutely love them!”
Clauris Stevens, family member, Brentwood Village, Kincumber, NSW, Australia.

“Just wanted to pass on a big ‘thank-you’ for the wonderful music you provide. The staff and clients have a lot of fun when we play your DVDs.”
Roxanne, Shirley and Dawn, Adult Day Centre staff, Herb Bassett Home, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“Thank you for all your talented work. You make faces SHINE.”
Kathy Kirby, family member, Alberta, Canada.

“Susie, I just want to tell you how easy it is for our residents to sing along with your music. The songs are not too high and not too low. Everyone is singing!”
Donna Newbury, Recreation Coordinator, Sasko Park Lodge and Newmarket Manor, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“We truly love your DVDs!”
Donna Making, Mount Royal Care Centre, Revera Living, Alberta, Canada.

“The residents love Susie’s DVDs. Great to put on and entertain the residents when I’m busy doing other things.”
Betty Jean Hill, Program Director, Glenboro Personal Care Home, Manitoba, Canada.

“We have received your new DVDs, and they are terrific!”
Brenda Neuman, Recreation Therapist, Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre, Alberta, Canada.

“Residents love Susie Q’s performances!”
Shannon Brown, Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Parkwood Hospital, Ontario, Canada.

“Susie, we look forward to your new sing-along DVDs. Our residents really enjoyed the last ones!”
Marina Atkins, Recreation Coordinator, Greenfield Shepherd’s Care Foundation, Alberta, Canada.

“The songs you interpret are done in such a fun and positive way, the residents beam when I play them. Of all the activities I have created, this one works the best BY FAR. Even those at later stage show real animation when I play them.”
Adam Witcombe, Activity Director, Bloomfield Care Centre, Bristol, England.

“We have Susie in every month. The residents love to sing along with her!”
Paula and Laina, Valleyview Day Program, Ontario, Canada.

“Our residents love your DVDs!”
Kim MacDonald, R. K. MacDonald Nursing Home, Nova Scotia, Canada.

“Susie, the residents absolutely love your Sing-Along DVDs. The staff is also impressed.”
Carol Neil, Recreation and Program Services Manager, Long Term Care and Retirement, Chelsey Park, Ontario, Canada.

“The residents love your DVDs. They are singing, humming, and tapping their feet to the music. Even the staff are singing.”
Evelyn Ogg, Activities Director, St. Paul’s Home, Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada.

“Our residents and staff really enjoy your talent. The 50’s Fun! music brings our lounges to life.”
Jennifer Vaughn, BScTR, RecT, Director of Recreation Therapy, Bow View Manor, Alberta, Canada.

“Susie, I just want you to know, your music for seniors is fabulous!”
Susan Boisvert, Recreation Manager, Fairview Personal Care Home, Manitoba, Canada.

“Our residents really enjoy all the DVDs we’ve purchased. Please send us your two new ones. We can’t wait to hear them!”
Debbie Richardson, Sunnywood Manor, Pine Falls, Manitoba, Canada.

“Our residents love to play the tambourines when we sing to your DVDs… which is often!”
Jennifer Taylor, Activity & Program Director, Capital Care, Grandview, Alberta, Canada.

“We just received your 2 new DVD`s and our residents on our Special Care Unit just love them!”
Marcy Welsh, Manager Recreation and Physiotherapy, Strathmere Lodge, Ontario, Canada.

“We sang along this afternoon and it was wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing your music and beautiful voice with us.”
Cindy Kolybaba, Activity Dept. Hudson Bay Health Care Facility, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“Our residents are loving your DVDs. Please send us your 2 new ones!”
Shirley McCutcheon, Activity Manager, Boyne Lodge, Manitoba, Canada.

“We are so excited to get your new DVDs. The residents really enjoy them!”
Lonnie Pakos, Recreation Coordinator, Mayfair Care Centre, Alberta, Canada.

“Susie’s voice is a recognizable and soothing therapy for our residents in the dementia unit.”
Sandra Brown, Activation Dept, Alzheimer’s Unit, Valleyview Home, Ontario, Canada.

“Hi Susie, most of the residents know the songs and are able to sing along. We look forward to your next DVD eagerly!”
Janet Dies, Activity Director, Caressant Care, Ontario, Canada.

“I just want you to know that the last two DVDs we bought are very entertaining for our residents.”
Cheryl Chorney, Recreation Coordinator, Porteous Lodge Nursing Home, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“Susie, thank you very much. Our residents in our long-term care home are really enjoying your DVDs.”
Rose Steen, Lead Life Enrichment, St. Joseph’s Villa, Ontario, Canada.

“We are REALLY enjoying your DVDs with our residents and families!”
Jennifer Felitsyn, Recreation Therapist, Radway CC Centre, Alberta, Canada.

“Your DVDs are a good form of entertainment for our residents. Even if they can’t sing along, the residents are enjoying all these familiar songs.”
Dorothy Androsoff, Recreation Director, Villa Pascal, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“Your DVDs are great for weekends and for afternoons when we have cancellations with our own entertainment. Hope you continue making them!”
Julie Mason, Activity Supervisor, Westman Nursing Home, Manitoba, Canada.

“We would be interested in ordering both of your new DVD’s. Our Residents love them! We find the sound and picture quality are very good as well.”
Shelly Hargreaves, Dinsdale PCH, Manitoba, Canada.

“We love your DVDs here in Streetsville!”
Lorraine, Leisureworld, Ontario, Canada.

“Susie, our residents really love your sing-along DVDs.”
Jeannette Beauregard, Extendicare,Ontario, Canada.

“I can’t wait to surprise the residents with your new DVDs. It will make our residents’ day!”
Amy Bensette, Recreation Director, Heritage Glen, Ontario, Canada.

“We want all four new ones! The residents LOVE YOU!!”
Kayla Doiron, Director of Recreation Therapy, The Brenda Strafford Foundation, Alberta, Canada.

“I just wanted to communicate to you, that I personally had the opportunity to watch Movie Magic video with some residents yesterday and they thoroughly enjoyed it and were singing along. Thank you again!”
Angelina Lewis, Hillcrest Village, Ontario, Canada.

“Susie, our residents love to sing along with your DVDs. Even those who are non-responsive are tapping their toes.”
Roxanne Espenell, Tiger Hills, Manitoba, Canada.

26 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Suzie Q is amazing we use her DVD’s in our Adult Day Program and we can’t tell you how much our Dementia clients enjoy your music and style. I first found you on U tube but have sinced bought many of you products. you are a fantastic lady we love you and you are a big part of our family here at the Day Program.

    Thank You, Nicole from Toronto, Ontario

      • Hi Susie I’m wondering will your DVD work in Ireland would love to get move and groove for my
        Clients thanks
        Mary ☘️

        • Hi Mary,

          Yes I do believe the DVD will work on any DVD player that has been built within the last 10 years. I have only had trouble once, and we learned that it was because their player had been set to only play a certain DVD region code. Most players now will play all region codes. Susie 🙂

  2. Hi Suzie
    I’m a long term devotee! I work in two facilities with seniors (and I’m often close to the most senior in the group!) We all love Moove and Groove and now we are actually able to sing inside again here in Sydney, Australia, I’m wondering if you have made any new Move and Grooves. We like the sing and dance combination. On a quick look through your range it seems you have only made the one?

    • Hi Bev! I remember connecting with you years ago because you live down under! I’m so glad to hear you and your senior friends are enjoying Move & Groove! I must admit I think it’s one of the best sing-alongs I’ve done so far. And yes, I have plans to do another in the future. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you so much for your comments. Susie Q 🙂

  3. We have had you sing for our seniors for many years. The words on the TV make it very easy for everyone to follow along. We enjoy all of your DVD’s, our residents favorite DVD is “70’s Sizzle”. Thanks for bringing music into our community.
    – Dufferin Care Centre, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

  4. I have enjoyed very much the last year and a half watching Susie on zoom each week
    I also volunteer at a nursing home and play music each week so I know how much the residence love the music
    Thanks Susie for all you do I know you can’t help but be blessed each time you play for them thanks a bunch

    • Thank you Wesley. It is so wonderful to have you join me each week. From one musician to another, we both know the magic that music brings to the elderly. It truly is the universal language. Susie

  5. Hi Susie,

    We just tried out your new DVD “Move and Groove” and our residents absolutely LOVED IT! We hope that you will put out similar DVD’s to this one as not only did they love the dancing part, they were belting out the tunes right along with you!

  6. Our residents at Birchmere Retirement Residence in Orillia, ON, Canada have long enjoyed your Sing-Along DVDs, Susie Q! They have been a saving grace during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your most recent Move & Groove DVD was a huge hit as well and is requested often in lieu of our regular visiting exercise program! Please keep ’em comin’!

    I should also mention that we love joining you every week for your live-stream sing-along via Zoom & Facebook. It’s something everyone here at Birchmere looks forward to, residents and staff alike. We cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH! <3

  7. Susie,
    I hope you know that your are our “live” SUNSHINE every Wednesday! You and ( your DVD’s) are also our lifesaver’s when our Special Care Unit gets a little overwhelming!
    Thank you is just not enough!
    Catherine and the Sisters in Framingham, MA

  8. Susie,Both the residents & myself love your Sing-A Longs but this new movement DVD and sing a long is your best yet. It’s so much fun and easy movements to follow. You have outdone yourself. We look forward to more of these videos in the future. Thankyou! Thankyou! Karen – Fieldstone Marysville,WA. USA

    • Thank you Karen! I didn’t see your review until now. I appreciate you joining me every week for our live-stream sing-along! Say hello to your residents for me! Susie

  9. We have always enjoyed our Sing-Along Susie Q DVD’s, but had no idea how pertinent they would become during 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic. The DVD’s continue to provide our resident’s some sunshine during dark days, and her weekly sing-along stream over zoom is something we here at Twin Oaks look forward to weekly! THANK YOU SUSIE Q!

  10. Susie, our residents of all levels of dementia/alertness love the first video we purchased from you. We see more involvement by residents in singing along than any other type of media we can offer them with exception of live music. Keep more coming because we are going to purchase more of them very soon. One resident suggested that since you have already created the 50’s and 70’s that you might consider some of the more upbeat music of the 60’s for your next music video. Thank you so much for making more modern, responsive music videos and for your precious time.

    • Hi Jessie! Thank you for your comment. It is so great to hear how responsive your residents are. It really reinforces why I do what I do. ?

      You might want to check out Ramblin’ Rose. It has a few peppy songs from the ’60s!

  11. Our residents absolutely love your DVDs. We have them all and we want more! Keep them coming! – Redstone Highlands, Greensburg, PA, USA


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