The Journey

Did you do your exercises today? How long did you sing? Are you paying attention to and listening for the signs and signals from your body and voice as you sing, or are you randomly going through the motions of your exercises and songs?

Each day can present a new achieveable goal and a new step in the right direction towards a voice that is yours to express freely and safely; strongly and passionately. Isn’t that what we all want? Don’t we, as singers, simply want to express ourselves and make sounds that are pleasing to ourselves and our listeners?

The journey is today, and the journey is tomorrow, and the next day. The journey is your lifetime so enjoy the trip.  Take the time everyday to express yourself and master your technique. Then your journey will be as enjoyable when you are 70 as it is now!

Listen to your coach and teacher. Listen to your body. Then go and sing!

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