Who has the most to gain?

When I see a young teenager serious about their voice, I get very excited.  This is the time in a person’s life to make the serious choice that their vocal instrument is going to be developed to be the best that it can be. Just look at Adam Lambert. Here is a voice that has been practised and developed at this very important stage in life.

It takes discipline and focus to get a voice up to great standards…no different than playing any other instrument.   It takes a great deal of commitment…just like anything else in life that is done well.

1 thought on “Who has the most to gain?”

  1. What u said is very true. That it takes discipline and focus to become good and to have the right voice i know soo menny people that do have a good voice but they think they dont and they end up giving up which is really sad. Me for example i love singing i used to sing arabic all the time but then i desided to start singing english and it was really defficult for me cause im not that good with english language but i never gave up and never will. Ohh by the way ur a good teacher. I think u know exactly what ur doing.


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