You need to start in the right place…

One of hardest things to do as a vocal coach is tell a student that they are going about getting power in their voice the wrong way. Students will come to me with this great big chest voice that they think rocks the house. They want help getting to the higher notes. Yikes!!! How to tell them they have been going about it entirely the wrong way.

Power does not come from volume and chest voice alone. True strength and power starts on the edges on the vocal cords in a mix/blend of chest voice and head voice. If you can’t sing quietly with intensity on the edges of your vocal cords, then you are not “in the mix”.

Getting in the mix starts small. You must learn how to connect your chest voice to your head voice without a break or disconnection. This will happen when you stop trying so hard. This will happen when you back off the volume and let things go smoothly as they should. From there you gain strength and power and sing any note you want.

You must start in the right place. It may mean you need to “back-up” to a place where your voice can grow with intensity so great, that you will not recognize yourself!

So, why not get in the mix. Check out for a certified teacher near you!

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