Oh no, not laryngitis again!

Usually once a year it hits me. Laryngitis. A combination, I suppose, of the cold dry air, a viral infection, and stress from the Christmas season which is my busiest time of year for singing jobs. I’ve been singing daily for almost two weeks and the last three days have been troublesome. Today was certainly the worst.

I know what I need to do … rest the vocal cords. But it’s difficult. People are counting on me.

 It’s not always easy to have a career in “singing”. While it’s certainly fullfilling to do what you love to do every day of your life, it’s not always easy. When you depend on a part of your body to be in tip-top shape all the time, certain hurdles are bound to get in the way.

 I’ll re-evaluate things in the morning after some lip bubbles and easy exercises. More than likely, I’ll be cancelling my gig. I can’t risk any permanent damage…it’s just not worth it.

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