So, I’ve fallen off the wagon

It happens, right? Even though I know that keeping my voice “in shape” means doing my exercises daily, I haven’t been practising what I preach.

Oh, I have my excuses…it started with a bad cold in the fall, and then I was so busy at Christmas….I never had any time for vocalizing. And then we set into this cold, long winter, and well, I just haven’t felt like it. Did I mention this winter is cold and looooonnnnnngggg?

Well excuses, no more! My voice has definitely suffered. My second passagio is breathy, and my third one is almost non-existent!

Stay tuned. I will be vocalizing morning and night for about 30 minutes each, and singing songs for another two hours.That’s a total of 3 hours singing per day.

I figure if I write it down for the world to see, I will do it! I will return my voice to that sweet sound once again.

I will keep you posted about my improvements. Why not join me? It’s more fun to exercise together!


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