how to sing high notes

Narrowing your Vowels

Good singers are narrowing their vowels on high pitches all the time, and we as listeners don’t usually hear any difference! If you are having trouble with high notes, and frequently getting stuck in your low “chest” voice, try narrowing your vowels which will change the resonance.   Narrowing the vowels will allow the resonance (that is stuck in … Read more

Say goodbye to strain

What exactly is singing with strain? Basically, it means a singer is over-compressing the vocal cords. Over-compressing is “squeezing” or “pushing” the sound out, instead of simply allowing the sound to release with good cord closure. This can happen a lot when singing high notes. We tend to “reach” or “squeeze” to sing our high … Read more

Watch the faces of your favourite singers

Maybe you think all that facial movement is just for show? Careful. Don’t underestimate the value of having the ability to sing with your mouth wide open, or your cheeks lifted high. Try it. Is it easy? It should be. You voice will feel like it’s out in front of your mouth or nose….not in … Read more

OK, let’s cut to the chase

Please remember, I’m here to help you….yes, help you so you don’t take years off your career, like I did, just to figure out what you want from your voice. If you are not interested in singing classical music, then don’t go to a classical voice teacher!! Period. You have options! If you want to sing Broadway, … Read more

Rock Singer’s vocal lesson

First, I want to thank Justin for letting me tape his recent singing lesson. It is not easy to “let go” in a singing lesson and allow your voice to make sounds and try things that are not always pleasing, nor do they always feel “normal”. That is the key to developing a better voice….finding … Read more

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