Brett Manning’s “Singing Success” OR Seth Riggs’ “Singing For The Stars”

First, let me say I have both SLS products for about six years and they are both fabulous! However, neither can beat personal one-on-one SLS lessons with a coach to get instant feedback for your voice.

My goal with this blog is tell you about my experience with SLS (Speech Level Singing).

Let’s review — Brett Manning has an extremely successful SLS reputation. His online marketing is amazing, and my guess is his Singing Success CD/book program has outsold “Singing For The Stars”, but I have no proof of that.

Let’s review — Brett Manning was a student of Seth Riggs for many years. Brett Manning learned from the best. He has a spectacular voice and can demonstrate the whistle. My goodness!!

Speech-Level Singing teaching took a turn in about 1995 when Dave Stroud, a then-longtime student and friend of Seth Riggs, knew something had to be done to uphold the integrity of teaching Speech-Level Singing. It was Seth who created the exercises that make such great logic in the way to teach SLS.

The Bel Canto technique (beautiful singing) is still at the heart of SLS.  Seth Riggs has updated and simplified the logic of teaching voice, and made it easier for teachers to understand and thereby, get great results immediately from their students. You probably know that Seth Riggs is the master vocal coach of many great singers such as Michael Jackson. The list is long so if you want to know more about Seth Riggs, go here

Let’s be very clear that SLS has been the choice of many opera singers and musical theatre singers. This method is not just for country and rock singers. It doesn’t matter what style you sing because SLS is not about style. It has nothing to do with style. It has everything to do with balancing the voice through your entire range. If you must abuse the vocal cords during your concerts, then at least SLS can help you stay healthy and grounded in between concerts.

The world of SLS changed in about 1995 when Dave Stroud created an organization whereby teachers who want to teach speech-level singing need to “tested and approved”. This was a  huge undertaking but it has strengthened the method of “Speech Level Singing”.  All teachers wishing to associate themselves with Seth Riggs must now undergo lessons and testing from 1 or more of 7 SLS master teachers in the world. These are level 5 teachers who have reached this level with Seth Riggs. They are (in no particular order) Dave Stroud, Jeffrey Skouson, Wendy Parr, Kathy Kennedy, Greg Enriquez, John Henny and Spencer Welch. You can learn more about these teachers, and others at

Well, that’s it for now. I will continue talking about SLS in future blogs, so stay in touch! I welcome your comments please!

9 thoughts on “Brett Manning’s “Singing Success” OR Seth Riggs’ “Singing For The Stars””

  1. Hello im jony 20 male 🙂 . Well actually im new to the game i have never trained my voice i also under went a light vocal damage 2 times but no nodules never. My range is from E2-G4 (B5 in falsetto) without screaming now could i be able to increase my not falseto voice up to D5 at least with SLS? i know i can sing high if im trained . And can ya tell me whats my voice type? Sir/mam

    • Hi Jonathan,
      Unfortunately there is no way to really know your voice type unless I hear you. If you train with SLS or with the Institute for Vocal Advancement, or with me, you will learn exercises that will help strengthen and increase your range without flipping into falcetto. Susan

  2. Hi,

    I’ve had 12 full hour SLS lessons with a level 3 instructor and I found that progress is a little slow. It felt like my lessons were being dragged out instead of focusing on making improvements. They were also very expensive. I’ve had lessons with other vocal coaches for half the price and have gotten better results, far quicker. For all the readers, it’s important to find a coach that suits you. I find that it’s best to take a few trial lessons.

    As for the SLS technique, I find that it’s a very healthy way of producing sound and that it focuses a lot on bridging or blending the chest and the head voice. Despite being able to bridge, after 12 full hour lessons and practicing every day for 20 minutes to an hour, I still wasn’t sure what the “mix” was. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford further lessons and never got to “sing in the mix” which is what SLS is about. Maybe you can shed some light on how you get your students singing in the mix?


    • Hi Puissance, Thanks for writing. I just found you on Twitter today. So glad you’re reading and learning about SLS.

      My first comment is about “your mix” and the fact that you were unsure when you were in it and what it is exactly. Well, there is no doubt in my mind that if you were doing the 1 1/2 octave scale into and above your first and/or second bridge with your SLS instructor, then you were definitely in your mix. It is unfortunate that you were not aware of this. You may not have a strong mix yet, but that doesn’t mean you were not in it.

      SLS training under the Seth Riggs Organization is a great program for singing teachers to learn about the different types of voices and how to use the exercises designed by Seth Riggs so that a voice can move with ease through the vocal registers, and gradually build strength with a strong mix.

      I am interested to know what you mean by having more progress with other teachers. There is no doubt there are great teachers out there who may charge a lot less than a 3rd level SLS coach. As in any industry, there are different levels of expertise and specialty, irregardless of the title behind the name. Certainly, SLS is no different.

      I think some of the problem can simply be a communication gap between student and teacher. The teacher needs to be very aware of the student’s expectations and desires as a singer, and you as a student need to be made aware of any bad habits or tendencies that are “in the way” of accomplishing your goal.

      It is difficult to give more input without actually hearing you sing…..but if you are ever interested in more information, feel free to look me up on Skype. I’m only a Level 1 certified coach at this point, but I’m very passionate about SLS. I’ve been teaching and studying voice for over 20 years and continue to do so everyday.

      I hope you will keep me posted about your journey with your voice. Please let me know if I can give any more insight. Susan

  3. Hey Joseph, Thanks so much for the compliments. I am very passionate about the SLS method. I’ve been coaching voice and taking voice lessons for many years. Once I found SLS I never looked back. SLS makes sense. You will find out!!

    I totally understand that cost is a factor. It is not for everyone. Any SLS coach in New York that is on the list at is currently training in the SLS method. The level indicates the length of time they have been training, and the fact that they know exactly how to teach the SLS method. Every teacher-in-training must pass yearly testing. Therefore, if you can find a level 1, 2 or 3 coach in your area that you can afford, then go for it!

    The SLS method is pure and exact. The only other difference is going to be the personality. Obviously, we are all different, and click with different people. That’s what makes the world go around!! So try out as many SLS coaches as you can find and stick with the one you “connect” with the most! Thanks again and good luck! Susan

  4. Wow. Thanks a lot for your feedback. I really appreciate it. Actually I’ve already spoken with Wendy through emails. I am debating if I should have lessons with her or Kara Napolitano or something like that who is a lvl3 teacher. I can tell Wendy is one of the best coaches, but her exchange is more than double of what Kara requires. What do you recommend? I do want to learn for a long time, at least a year or more. And I do want to become the best.. So please let me know what you think. I really do wish I can speak to someone like you here in NY in person because you’ve been much help already, but anyways.. Let me know what you think and thanks again Susan 🙂


  5. Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for writing. It is so good to hear you want to increase your range. YES!! You can definitely do it with the SLS method! With a good SLS coach you will likely be singing through two or three bridges in the first lesson!
    I strongly advise you to see someone one-on-one, at least in the beginning. If you have the funds, then look up Wendy Parr in NY. She is a level 5 master SLS coach with the Seth Riggs method. Fabulous teacher and very insightful. She will know your “habits” instantly.
    As for the mail order programs, both Seth Riggs and Brett Mannings, are great if you know what you are doing. However, let’s face it, you wouldn’t be in this position of a limited range if you knew how to fix it without something actually telling you the problem.

    I highly recommend a good SLS coach in person for awhile. Once you know what is going on with your voice, you can take the steps to improve it.

    As for the difference between Seth Riggs and Brett Manning online SLS products, I recommend Seth Riggs. These exercises are true to the method. They come from the master himself!! Brett’s CD’s are great too, but they are more than you may need. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but you really need to know what you are doing in order to succeed with the full set of Brett’s CD’s.

    I hope that makes sense. Don’t get me wrong….Brett Manning is fabulous, and he dominates the internet with SLS. But there are level 5 Master SLS coaches all over the world that are just as fabulous!!!! Good luck with your voice! Susan

  6. I came upon SLS while searching online for singing lessons. I am almost more than eager to start learning here in NY. I wanted to ask some question since you are a vocal coach now. I am a mid ranged baritone so i have limited vocal range. Will it be possible for me to have range as wide as I want with enough training in SLS? Also, who would you rather learn from if you never learned SLS before; Brett or Seth’s associates? THanks a bunch. Hope all goes well with your coaching career.



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