music education

Should I pressure my child to take music lessons?

I wonder how many adults say to themselves…”I wish I had continued my music lessons….”. Is that you? Do you have regrets about quitting piano? Many adults wish they would have continued their lessons. But, this is easier said than done. The lessons were possibly boring or too challenging, and your parents maybe thought it … Read more

It’s All Child’s Play….

Learning the music language does not have to be tedious and difficult. In Music for Young Children, the language of music starts as early as 2 1/2. We use many ideas to reinforce new concepts such as singing and games and puppets. There is no memorizing required because the students are exposed to these concepts repeatedly, week after week. … Read more

It takes all kinds to make the world go round…

You’ve heard the saying before…it takes all kinds to make the world go round. Well, the same goes for musicians and how they play their music. Some musicians can read music as easy as reading the newspaper. Others can play music without reading anything. They make it look sooo easy. Who is to say which … Read more

We all want smart kids…

My kids are almost 9 and 12 now. I wanted them to have many experiences as a baby and toddler that would stimulate their brains and help make them smarter. You know, that “window of opportunity”. Research has proven that exposure to music in the first years of life has a very positive effect on the … Read more

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